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21 Things To Do After June 21st. A Post-Lockdown Bucket List! |MegsCoffeeBreak

With an ease of restrictions quickly approaching, it has been on my mind that I haven’t actually got anything planned! (I’ve also realised I am not summer body ready, but that’s for another blogpost). With that being said, here is a list of 21 things I want to do after lockdown. Hopefully this can give you some inspiration to make plans with your friends for the summer.

  • Go shopping

When I tell you I am craving a shopping day- I am CRAVING a shopping day! I miss London’s Westfield. I miss Berksha, Pull & Bear, PRIMARK! As soon as non-essential retail opens, I am 100% using all of my savings on one crazy shopping trip. I’m not one for online shopping so I am very excited to refresh my wardrobe just in time for summer.

  • Visit my friends at uni

My best mates and I all moved across the country to different universities this year and we haven’t been able to visit each other! When restrictions are lifted we are spending the summer travelling across the UK to explore everybody’s town and cities they now call home. The experience will be so amazing and I can’t wait to see more of my beautiful home country.

  • Go OUT OUT

Sit down clubs were so bad! Who ever thought that was a good idea? Did I still go? Absolutely. However, the thought of going out properly seems so mind boggling. However, when it’s legal to do so, it will for sure be one of the first things I decide to do. Alongside going clubbing, I miss cocktail bars! I probably prefer a cocktail evening to a club so I can’t wait to put on a cute top, a pair of heels and get tipsy.

  • Concerts

I have 4 concert tickets and I haven’t been able to go to any of them. I’m assuming concerts are a far way away but as soon as we have solid concert dates booked, the excitement will definitely be real. Little Mix, 5SOS, Harry Styles & JLS (yes JLS); I am ready for you! I am planning my outfits & getting prepared.

  • Picnic

This might have to wait until we’re deep into summer so it’s not freezing but the thought of a picnic with my best mates sounds phenomenal right now. Lots of cocktails in a can, fresh fruit, cheese and crackers. How amazing would it be to meet up with your besties for a picnic? SOON everyone!

  • Go for a meal

Now to be honest I don’t really mind where I go- whether it be a Nando’s or a posh steak restaurant; just get me out for a meal! The feeling of ordering food in a restaurant will never be taken for granted again. Something so simple really has such a happy feel to it and I’m so excited to be able to have some nice food again.

  • Go for a coffee

Sometimes it’s the simple things you miss the most. When you leave school and you’re not seeing your friends every day it can be hard making plans with everybody being busy. Coffee dates are the best plans to make. They can be as short or as long as you want and it’s a great way to catch up with the people you miss. Especially after lockdown- there will be many coffee dates.

  • Visit London

Coming from a town so close to London, I was very used to visiting the capital with no real intention and just having a bit of a wander around. This is something I really miss doing with my friends. I live a bit further away now so it will be more of a trip. However, just the small things like China Town are really things I miss.

  • Get on a tram and see where it goes

Now living in Birmingham, Trams are very new to me but of course, we haven’t been able to use them. My flatmates and I have made the plan to jump on the tram and to get off whenever we feel. This is something spontaneous which I am very excited to do.

  • See my family

Oh how I miss my family! As soon as it’s rule of 6 outside, we will be meeting in a garden and having a good catch up. This is definitely something everybody is waiting for and it will be so nice to see the faces we’ve all been missing. We’re all counting down the days.

  • Go to the seaside

It’s almost been an entire year since I have seen the sea (don’t get me started about not going on holiday- I really miss going on holiday). To be honest, with or without lockdown, I probably wouldn’t have seen the sea over winter anyway. However, with summer approaching, I always long for road trips to the seaside and I cannot wait to be walking along a cold UK beach front with a portion of chips.

  • Go on a date

It has been MONTHS since my boyfriend and I have been able to go out for a meal or on any sort of date. The takeaway dates have definitely been real but I can’t wait to get dressed up to go somewhere nice and have a really lovely evening.

  • Wine night

My last wine night with the besties was my birthday last year and it’s probably the thing I miss the most. We’ll congregate at someone’s house wearing whatever we please, have a bottle of wine, get in all the snacks, put on the throwback tunes and just have a big gossip. One of our traditions is to get the polaroid out and to have a silly photoshoot so we all have lots of photos to keep. They are my favourite kind of nights and honestly, probably the one thing I would love to be doing right now.

  • Mini golf

If anybody lives around the Birmingham area, you have to try out Ghetto Golf! It’s in Digbeth and honestly it’s so much fun. It has a great aesthetic with lots of opportunities for photos. They do really nice cocktails and you just have fun playing a bit of mini golf. It does go on for quite a while so be prepared for a long activity but it is so much fun and I definitely recommend going.

  • Water balloon fight

Again, something that we will have to wait until we are deep into summer for but I haven’t had a water fight for years! It’s something I have thought strongly about on many occasions over this lockdown and I am eager to have a big water fight with whoever will fight me! Any takers?

  • Movie night

I know we’ve all watched a lot of movies recently BUT… I want to have a movie night WITH MY FRIENDS. If you can’t tell by now, I just want to see my friends! I’m thinking a throwback night, High School Musical or something. Lots of popcorn, lots of hot chocolate, maybe even stay for the night. Lots of film watching.

  • Brunch

Where I live we have a really adorable café with lots of lovely breakfast foods. I can’t imagine anything more perfect than getting up, getting ready and going for a lovely aesthetic breakfast early in the morning. It’s a picture perfect café and I can’t wait to go back and get pictures infront of the flower wall.

  • Get my nails done

This isn’t something I did before but having the option took away from me has made me want them done even more. My nails haven’t been growing over winter and I’m sick of having ugly, stumpy nails. The pressure of deciding which colour I want done will probably be too much for me, however.

  • Not having facemasks

This is less of a what I want to do but what I’m looking forward to. As a daily glasses wearer, I will admit I am not a fan of the old facemasks. I will happily wear them to protect everybody BUT I can’t say I will be sad when we won’t have to wear them anymore. Soon, hopefully, they will be a thing of the past.

  • A hair cut

August was the last time my hair was cut and it is in a state! I have been home dying it and my hair is just in a bit of a state- my hairdresser will not be happy. Whenever I can make an appointment will be a really great day. I’m tempted to just cut it all off!

  • Do what I want, when I want

The day when there’s no rules which have to be followed will be a great day. If you decide you want to go out, you can. If you want to pop into a shop but you don’t have a mask on you, you can. Not thinking about where the nearest hand sanitiser is. The whole going out procedure just causes so much anxiety. When we have to stop thinking about all of these small things, we will all be so much happier!

So, that was a list of 21 things I want to do after June 21st! Let’s hope the date doesn’t move, of course if it does we will all oblige to the rules. However, it is nice having a date to look forward to. I would love to know what you are looking forward to doing when restrictions are lifted. Also, have you planned your June 21st outfit yet because I’m feeling quite behind and haven’t even thought about it!

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3 thoughts on “21 Things To Do After June 21st. A Post-Lockdown Bucket List! |MegsCoffeeBreak

  1. Yesss, love this Meg! You are making me excited for post lockdown! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So exciting!! Thanks for reading x

      Liked by 1 person

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